A new way of shopping.

Here’s our latest work for Rent-A-Center.
Celebrating our 10th year working for a great client. This new spot is part of the previous campaign in which we introduced normal people struggling with the credit process and the big box retailer's inability to understand their needs. A young couple shopping for a washer and dryer get a little sarcastic when they start finding out that they have to “add-on” warranty, “add-on” maintenance” and “add-on delivery”, so they make fun of the salesman telling him, do we have to “add-on” the knobs, what about the door? The campaign positions Rent-A-Center as the place where you can pay little by little with no credit check.

Carter BloodCare

Co.Jones is proud to introduce our new Hispanic TV campaign for our client Carter BloodCare. The goal was to help Carter BloodCare increase the Hispanic donor-base by coming up with a fresh, new campaign. The campaign, which also includes radio and digital executions, must continue to educate and raise awareness about blood donation, especially among Hispanics. Our proposed campaign focuses on fact-driven, powerful, simple and single-minded 15 second TV spots that would alert people about the importance of donating blood and hopefully trigger them to learn more about this life-saving gesture. The facts used to create this campaign, are facts that stunned our team and definitely made us do something about it. So what about you? have you donated already? A few minutes of your day, can save up to three lives. Dona sangre, salva vidas.


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